Rules and Regulations

Each player is held accountable for following the below rules, and it is the responsibility of each player to keep themselves up to date with any rules changes. Last modified: 12/28/2011

All actions listed below are forbidden on the MCApocalypse Server. Any player found to be in violation of one or more of the following rules will receive jail time/Verbal warning for the first offense, a temporary ban for repeat offenses, and in severe situations a permanent ban from the community. Permanent bans can be appealed by compiling a well written argument as to why your privileges on this server should be restored; however, bans are not handed out lightly, so it would be strongly advised to put some thought into any appeal before submitting it. Appeals can be submitted here.

Rule 1) The use of any third party clients is forbidden. The only clients that are permitted on MCApocalypse are the distribution Mojang Minecraft client.

Due to the overwhelming advantages a modified client provided a player and the overwhelming prevalence of modified clients we’ve been forced to steeply increase the punishment for this offense. First time offenders will be issued a mandatory week ban, second offense is a month ban, and third offense is permanent removal from the MCA community. No modified clients means no modified clients; not sometimes, never!

Rule 2) The use of /sethome, /home, /spawn or /tpa during combat is forbidden. Using any of these commands to either enter or exit a battle zone can result in jail time or temporary banning.

Rule 3) Players may not use buckets to grief, which includes pouring lava or water offensively. Players may use water and lava to construct (like monster grinders and PvP traps), but you may not simply “pour” it on a location as a form of griefing. This action is highly frowned upon and will result in an immediate temporary banning. Repeat offenses will result in a permanent banning.

Rule 4) At no point during combat are players allowed to purposely disconnect to avoid taking damage. Anyone found violating this rule will receive jail time or temporary banning.

Rule 5) Hacking, Bug abusing and glitching is forbidden. These actions will be handled on a case to case basis, and will likely result in jail time or a temporary banning.

Rule 6) When cutting down trees please cut down the entire tree. Floating tree tops are an eyesore. Players caught leaving floating tree will receive a one hour jail sentence.

Rule 7) Do not advertise other servers on MCApocalypse. This is highly frowned upon and will lead to a permanent ban on the second offense.

Rule 8 ) Do not spam public chat, anyone found spamming public chat will be placed on a mute for 24 hours.

Rule 9) Do not use the in game public chat to lodge a complaint. MCA has an entire forum thread dedicated to handling player grievances. Using the in game chat to report an issue is ineffective because staff members are often busy and not able to offer assistance at the time, by reporting your issue on the forum it allows staff members to handle the situation with their full attention at an opportune time. Anyone found violating this rule will be muted for 24 hours, and repeat offenses will result in a temporary banning.

Rule 10) Do not ask for a Moderator position. When the server finds itself in need of additional Moderators it will chose one from the player base. The decision will be based on the players’ ability to perform certain job responsibilities; which include but are not limited to sociability, responsibility, creativity, productivity and activity.

Rule 11) At this point and time WorldGuard is incapible of restricting the use of offensive potions on PvP free areas, so until a method of restricting potion damage becomes available we have declared using any offensive potion in a PvP free area illegal. Anyone found violating this rule will receive jail time or temporary banning.

Rule 12) Do not send random teleport requests or clan join requests, before having talked to people about it, this is considered as spam.

Rule 13) Swearing is allowed on MCA, but only in the right context. A player is allowed to swear in any fashion except towards another player. So for instance:



God I’ve had a shit day today.




You are a piece of shit.


This rule is more to maintain a peaceful community than server stability, so the punishment for this offense is an hour muting.

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